The key role of a litigation solicitor when handling disputes

The key role of a litigation solicitor when handling disputes

In need of dispute resolution? A litigation solicitor is here to help you navigate issues in a smart and effective way.

Disagreement is a part of daily life. Conflicts appear at home, at work, and in business operations.

Any individual or business could become involved in a dispute which could range from a minor disagreement to a substantial and potentially costly matter.

And sometimes, these issues need outside aid in the form of litigation.

Known also as a litigator, a litigation solicitor specializes in the resolution of disputes between individuals and/or corporations and is responsible for representing claimants or defendants before, during, and after court hearings.


Dispute resolution


Traditionally, litigation refers to cases that reach trial but the term uses to cover alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation.

If not handled correctly, disputes can damage business interests, brand, and reputation, meaning expert help from a litigation solicitor is a necessity.

A good solicitor Cork will advise clients on the best and appropriate dispute resolution processes for any particular problem. They will investigate fully, collating all of the vital information needed while pursuing the case to its full extent.

A litigation solicitor will handle the case with personal attention and weigh advice against the costs. All options consider alongside a client’s circumstances.


Stages of litigation


The normal stages of litigation begin with correspondence to see if the matter can be resolved. If no resolution can be found, a letter before action is issued and if no satisfactory resolution is reached from that, then formal proceedings will start.

Usually, parties will try to negotiate, narrow, or settle the matter but if it continues to be contested a defense will be received.

Then the parties may raise particulars before the case is set down for trial and heard.

Finally, the judgment is delivered.

Here at Ronan Enright Solicitors, our litigation solicitors have handled a large number of claims for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Cork city and beyond. We adopt a proactive approach to try to resolve your disputes as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

From medical negligence, public and product liability to contract disputes and defamation, we are here to help every step of the way.

So, if you require the services of an experienced litigation solicitor, please contact Ronan Enright Solicitors at (021) 235 5443 or email


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