Solicitors Cork City: Do I need a Will?

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Solicitors Cork City: Do I need a Will?

Considering what you will do with your assets in the future? We find out from top solicitors in Cork city if you should make a Will.

If you want to plan how your wealth and possessions will be distributed after death then you need a Will.

A Will is necessary if you want to specify how your personal wealth and valued possessions are distributed after your death. It is a legal document that must be signed and witnessed. A Will is usually written with the help of a solicitor.

This is why it is always important to contact a legal expert such as qualified solicitors in Cork city before you embark on this process.

For a Will to be seen as valid, the testator (e.g. the person writing the will) must be aged 18 or over, act of their own free will and be of sound mind, memory and understanding.

The Will must be in writing and it must be signed at the end by the testator. Solicitors in Cork city will always advise that this signature must be written or acknowledged in the presence of two witnesses who are both present at the time.

These witnesses must then sign in the presence of the testator but not necessarily in each other’s presence. They are required to be over the age of 18.

It is also imperative that an executor is appointed. This person is appointed by the testator to perform (execute) the wishes in the Will. A beneficiary is someone who will receive some or all your estate after your death. There can be any number of beneficiaries, this is a personal choice. The executor can also be a beneficiary.

Top solicitors in Cork city will always advise to appoint someone who is good at administration. There is much involved in the execution of an estate and various tasks will have to be completed. It is also advisable to name more than one person as an executor and to discuss and discern if they are willing to accept the role.

This is a quick and basic guide to writing a Will but we implore that you contact leading solicitors in Cork city to receive the best advice and to ensure your Will has legal standing.

If you have any questions about the above please contact Ronan Enright Solicitors in Cork City at (021) 235 5443 or email

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