Family Law

Are you going through a breakdown of a family relationship?

This is always very upsetting and stressful for those involved.

There are serious financial, legal and taxation issues which may arise.

When a family relationship breaks down, the most stressful aspect is often the decision as to who your children live with and what custody arrangements are entered into with regard to your children. Let us help advise you in relation to guardianship, custody and access.

Why not call us and let us help you through the process?

We will provide legal advice in relation to separation, divorce and advise you in relation to the consequences that may arise in relation to your property and financial matters.


Have you suffered from domestic violence?

You may be able to obtain a barring or safety order.

Do you think that your former partner should be paying money to help in the education and welfare of your child?

You may be entitled to maintenance payments.

Feel free to call us without obligation.

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