Employment Law: A guide to how an employment solicitor can help you

Employment Law: A guide to how an employment solicitor can help you 


Whether you are an employer or an employee, there are many ways an employment solicitor can help you.

Legal requirements and jargon can often be hard to understand but a solicitor will be there every step of the way to guide and inform you.

So how exactly can they assist you?

How an employment solicitor aids employees

An employment solicitor is there to listen and advise. Discretion is paramount and you can discuss the issue at hand in confidence.

Next, he or she will explain the relevant law, help you to understand your rights in the situation, and examine the options available to you.

Some of the employment-related issues dealt with include:

• Harassment and Bullying
• Legal entitlements
• Termination of employment and unfair or constructive dismissal
• Health and safety law
• Discrimination

How an employment solicitor aids employers

As an employer, having the correct legal requirements and procedures in place is vital, as is understanding the current law. An employment solicitor will help facilitate these needs whether you are starting out in the business world or are an established enterprise owner.

The issues an employment solicitor can advise on include:

• Employment contracts
• The entitlements of your employers such as pensions, rest periods, and hours of work.
• Data protection
• Equality in the workplace
• Correct termination of employment

Options and resolving issues in the workplace

When a concern is brought to the table by an employee, a solicitor will delve into all options and remedies available. These challenges can be resolved by mediation or negotiation. Alternatively, statutory bodies such as the Labour Court and the Workplace Relations Commission provide remedies or a person may make the decision to take an action through the civil court.

For employers, when a conflict arises, it is important to contact an employment solicitor as soon as possible. He or she will then assist you on the best option to take which may include using a regulatory body.

In either situation, the solicitor Cork will help you find the best and most effective redress available.

If you are an employee or employer in need of legal services related to employment, contact Ronan Enright at (021) 235 5443 or email info@ronanenright.com 2

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