Conveyancing Solicitor Cork: The key steps in the house purchase process

Conveyancing Solicitor Cork: The key steps in the house purchase process


Are you planning on buying a house in the rebel county? Then you will need a conveyancing solicitor in Cork.

Purchasing property can be a complicated process. There is much legal jargon to wade through and procedures that must be carried out correctly.

This is why employing a conveyancing solicitor in Cork is vital.

If you are buying a home, it’s beneficial to know the sequence of events that occur in conveyancing, and these must happen before ownership of the property is confirmed.

Below are the main steps in the conveyancing procedure.

‘Sale Agreed’ and Property Survey

The journey begins at the auctioneer’s office, where the sale price is agreed upon. You will pay a booking deposit that is fully refundable at this stage.

Next, your conveyancing solicitor in Cork will conduct and oversee the transaction. They will be acting in your best interests, providing advice and ensuring everything is legally correct before proceeding.

If the property isn’t a new build, your solicitor should advise getting an entire property survey conducted by an engineer or architect.

Letter of Mortgage Offer

The sellers of the property will have their solicitors working on their transaction side. The solicitors will draft Contracts for Sale for the property and send them with the Title Deeds to your conveyancing solicitor in Cork.

If you are taking a mortgage to buy a property, the bank will require you to instruct your solicitor, who will overview the mortgage documents, which you will then sign in the conveyancing solicitor’s presence.

Pre-Contract Enquiries

Your conveyancing solicitor in Cork will then study the title documents and raise any concerns or queries such as rights of way.

Once responses are deemed satisfactory, you can sign on which you obtain ‘good marketable title’ to the property.

This is a necessary condition the bank will have as part of the loan offer. The conveyancing solicitor in Cork then makes an ‘undertaking’ to the bank that the purchasers will have good title to the property.

Contracts for Sale

Once terms of the contract have been agreed upon, your conveyancing solicitor in Cork will advise you to proceed. The signed agreements will then be sent to the vendor’s legal representation.

When this is done, there is a binding agreement, and the sale must be completed. At this point, you will pay a ‘contract deposit.’ Usually, this is 10% of the property’s purchase price minus the booking deposit.

The closing date for sale will also be agreed upon. Your conveyancing solicitor in Cork will draft a Deed of Transfer and send it to the seller for signature and approval.

Your solicitor will then put together a booklet of questions known as ‘Requisitions on Title’ to be sent to the vendor’s legal team.

The seller’s solicitor must provide satisfactory replies before the sales can be closed.

Meanwhile, your conveyancing solicitor in Cork contacts the bank for the drawdown of loan funds.

Completion of Sale

As a purchaser, you will be nearing the end of the process by this stage.

On the final day, the vendor’s solicitor will carry out ‘searches.’ These are Judgement, bankruptcy, Revenue and Sheriff searches carried out on both the purchaser and seller of the property.

Once the results are satisfactory, your conveyancing solicitor in Cork will release the balance of the sale price to the vendor’s legal representative. After this, you will receive the keys and can officially move in.

Stamp Duty & Registration of Title

Remember, stamp duty is calculated on the type and cost of the property.

And finally, the stamping of the Transfer Deed with the Revenue Commissioners must be carried out along with registration of title with the Property Registration Authority.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact Ronan Enright, an experienced conveyancing solicitor in Cork on (021) 235 5443 or email

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